Ultimatum-MedicAir Pro Mini


Maximum Coverage area of 14,126 ft3 (cubic feet) per unit. *


Air Cleaning Systems Inc. with its Forty-Seven (47) years of Air Filtration Experience in Sales, Service and Broad application of Usages decided to develop & provide our Ultimatum’s™ AIRBOURNE MITIGATION SYSTEMS Model MedicAir Pro Mini Series to approach the COVID Pandemic with a carefully considered design of SIMPLICITY with PREFORMANCE Centrifugal Fan design to accomplish levels of control unheard in the Air Filtration industry..

Appearance of Air Filtration equipment does not provide INDOOR Air Quality but application of multiple technologies for controlling pollution with contaminants that are permanently suspended in: fine airborne pollution, odors, VOC ‘s and pathogens in every cubic foot of room space in your facility. PLUS, Ultimatum Air Filtration with Certified HEPA-H14 Filter, Nano Hybrid Activated Carbon Filter, UV TiO2 Reaction Chamber, and a Prefilter provides your INDOOR Air Quality goals to Protect any and all persons in these environments.

Seeing is believing with our lightweight portable Model MedicAir Pro Mini that can be placed on floors etc. to insure proper air change per hour requirements effectively, efficiently, quietly with 4 different speeds of Cubic Feet per minute air velocity discharge with Low dBA ratings. Choose Affordability, Durability, Easy Access to filter inspection and replacement with unequal high efficiency in UV and Filtration. THE SIMPLE CHOICE


Dimensions: 20”X10”
Weight: 12 lbs
Nano Hybrid Activated Carbon Filter
TiO2 UVC Reaction Filter Chamber
Volume: Four (4) Speed #1 105 DFM, #2 159 CFM, #3 212 CFM, #4 235 CFM
Power: 110V-240V plug-in
Noise Level: Approximately – Speed #1 = 31 dBA, #2 = 41 dBA, #3 = 49 dBA, #4 = 55 dBA

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